Friday, July 26, 2013


Plenty of people have asked why did we start Dino Club.

Well, once you've met my daughter, the answer is easy enough.  She is IN LOVE with dinosaurs.  This interest has grown with her throughout the years instead of dissolving.  As parents, we have decided to encourage her interest and to invite others with the same interest along for the ride.


We have participated in a few clubs before, and have taken the things that we loved from each type of club, added our ideas, and created this one.

 Listed below will be the most important things about this club.

1.  There are NO MANDATORY uniforms.
2.  The kids earn badges/passport stickers (etc.) for recognition of attending each meeting.
3.  The money goes to YOUR child.  A log is kept of all purchases of materials for the parents to see.  Any money that is remaining, goes back to the parents.  ~ NON-PROFIT function.
4.  Snack rotation is incorporated.
5.  Parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay if possible.
6.  Nobody is chased out when the club time is over.  We allow time for the kids to play and get to know each other.  And also to finish any projects that they might have.
7.  For those that are interested, but cannot commit to a full year... we have DINO GUESTS option.
8.  Payment plan option of PAY AS YOU GO.   A calculation cost of a meeting prior can be given, and payment is due for that meeting the day of.  If choosing this payment option, please let me know well in advance so I can have money calculation done ahead of time.  If not choosing this payment option, please pay $65 due at the first meeting.  And any remaining money will be reimbursed at the end of the year.

With all of this to consider, come give Dino Club a chance.  
It can make a DINOSAUR LOVER out of you!

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